"Hope" was Born in Malakasa

Malakasa Refugee Camp
August 30, 2017

A healthy little girl came to the world on Thursday, August 24th, at the refugee camp of Malakasa. The Doctors of the World's team, which is located in the camp on a daily basis, providing primary health services to the refugees living there, funded by European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid, managed to help the 27-year-old Pharia deliver her fourth baby.  

Specifically, the Afghan refugee reached the Doctors of the World clinic at 15:30, with severe abdominal pains during the 39th week of her pregnancy. Until the day before, he had no symptoms or signs of childbirth.

When he arrived at the clinic, he had three-wheeled contractions, and while an ambulance had already been notified, an acute delivery took place, resulting in the 27-year-old giving birth to the camp.

The doctors and the nurses of Doctors of the World team acted promptly, adequately and with all possible care to help the woman who brought to the world a healthy girl weighing 3.170 grams.

Doctors of the World wishes her and her family best of luck!  

Accommodation and Services scheme for relocation candidates and vulnerable asylum seekers supported by European Commission - Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid Operations - ECHO#doctorsoftheworld #Greece #refugees #NGO #health #MdM#MdMECHOproject

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