Life in Lagadikia refugee Camp

Lagadikia refugee camp (Northen Greece)
Photo story
November 15, 2016

Doctors of the World Greece is working with men, women and children living at refugee camps all over the Greek mainland and islands. The following photos were taken in the last week of September 2016, at Lagadikia Camp, to the North East of Greece’s second city, Thessaloniki. 680 people – mainly Syrians, with some Kurds and Iraqis, too, live at Lagadikia, most of whom arrived soon after the Idomeni border camp closed in May this year.   

Skin complaints and insect bites have been the most common primary health care needs this summer. As winter approaches, respiratory conditions and infections are expected to increase.

Across Greece, 37% of refugees are minors. MdM is working with them to safeguard and improve their physical and mental health.

MdM camp staff include doctors, nurses, translators, drivers, midwives, psychologists, as well as dental, gynaecology and other specialists working across Greece. Here, Athina, a Lagadikia-based nurse, waits with a young Syrian girl outside the MdM clinic at the camp.

As refugees begin to be accepted to new EU member states, MdM’s services have expanded at Greek refugee camps. Hejal, pictured above, was photographed just before receiving a final health check before leaving Lagadikia. She hopes she will be allowed to join her husband in Germany.

Hejal and her two children left Lagadikia on Friday 30 September, two days after this photo – showing their final health checks and treatments before leaving the camp.

The three travelled first to Thessaloniki, then to Athens, where final health checks and interviews took place. They had been at Lagadikia for 4, and in Greece for 8 months in total.

MdM’s Primary Health care services include treatment of injuries, as well as of disease.

The MdM clinic at Lagadikia is a place where men, women and children are welcome, and sit and discuss issues and concerns while they wait, as well as with staff at the clinic.

MdM staff at Lagadikia grab a quick break before returning to work. The clinic sees around 15 people each day, though periods of high stress and/or poor weather drive up demand.

From the camp’s youngest, to its oldest member, MdM works daily to provide services in Primary, Sexual and Reproductive and Mental health.

Program funded by the EU and supported by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

Photos by Kristof Vadino

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