Refugees Expressive Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition in Thessaloniki
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May 23, 2017

“Art is inseparable from justice at last…. It becomes a meeting-place of the invisible, the irreducible, the enduring guts, and honour” John Berger in Minors


12 refugees and asylum seekers, including teenagers, women and men, who have been involved in personal art journey will share their experience and art work in a special art exhibition with the support of MdM and Solidarity Now.

The “Refugee Expressive Art exhibition” project was conceived amongst the PSS actors of MdM Northern Greece (in collaboration with the Blue Refugee Centre of Solidarity Now) to support, encourage and spread the Creations and Art Pieces developed by refugees in different camps of Northern Greece.

The invitation was for asylum seekers and refugees who wanted to communicate to the public their own voice through art; to create a bridge between them and their stories, between them and the community and therefore appearing as vectors of inspiration and transformation.

Refugees in Northern Greece are today undergoing very difficult living conditions due to the often difficult access to basic first needs. But also, and majorly it is linked to the feeling of loss and the growing anxiety and stress linked to the uncertainty that they are facing regarding their future and the lack of access to clear information.

 It is in this context that the MdM PSS team has met a great number of children, women, men, young adults who, by passion, choice, sometimes by despair or to fill in the gap of long months of inactivity due to their situation, have appealed to words, colours, lines and sounds; to their imagination to face the adversity that meets them every day. Through poetry, paintings, dance, spontaneous drawings and stories they have been looking for and finding shapes, forms that can sustain their experiences in a “tolerable” way for them… and for the others.

This exhibition will therefore foster the display of artistic talent, but above all, the creative art of transformation disclosed by each one of them.

The “Refugee Expressive Art exhibition” is a community empowerment project in which artists of the refugee community in Northern Greece were invited to organize and implement an art exhibition, presenting their messages through their work.

The process includes meetings and working groups between different refugee artists, leading to an art exhibition. The participants are involved in each step of designing the process of the exhibition, going from the selection of the art pieces of each artist, to the actual implementation of the exhibition, to ensure the ownership of the project.

The exhibition will take place on the 29th and 31st of March in We centre, 3rd Septemvriou and Grigoriou Lambraki Avenue 54636, Thessaloniki (8.30 – 22.30) and during the first two weeks of April in Blue Refugee Centre of Solidarity Now.

With the support of MdM Switzerland and Swiss Solidarity foundation

Photo Credits: Maritina Papamitrou

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