The story of H.

Kara Tepe Mytilini
November 1, 2017

H. is from Syria. Before the hostilities in his country started he used to work as a political analyst in a media company and as a professional he had ties with the government. He was the father of two boys and three girls. During the war he lost his nephew and his brother in an ISIS led bombing that took place in the outskirts of Aleppo. When the attacks escalated in his city he was captured by rebels and was held as a hostage for 7 long months.

In those horrible months that he was a hostage, he was subject to all sorts of brutal violence and excruciating torture. As his psychologist from MDM says, that was a procedure that left deep psychological trauma except from physical scars on him. He described to MDM psychologist that he was severely beaten up on three occasions during the first 10 days of his captivity. Moreover, he was tortured in ways that only a sick mind can imagine. He was also ridiculed throughout those months. The rebels used both physical and psychological violence on him in an effort to break his will and force him to provide crucial information about government activities.

‘’I have never experienced so much pain in my entire life. The first week was the worst of my captivity as the rebels broke my leg and elbow while assaulting and torturing me. I remember distinctly that they were forcing me to behave like a dog ridiculing me and laughing at me while they were torturing me. I felt really frightened and helpless’’, said H. during his initial session with the MDM psychologist in Kara Tepe camp.

After the first meeting with the psychologist session H. was referred for a psychiatric evaluation to the Vostaneio Hospital in Mytilini because he had strong symptoms of depression and anxiety disorder. In the beginning he was reluctant to open up about his experiences while being a hostage. Hopefully, after an additional counselling session with the MDM psychologist H. committed himself into a steady psychotherapeutic relationship.

The project is implemented in collaboration with UNHCR With funding by the European Union - DG HOME

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